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"BJ is a fantastic partners negotiator. I truly feel like she is listening to me and trying to get to the root of an issue and not trying to guess it. She is very good at explaining the mind to my partner, and does not take sides. She is 100% fair in the sessions." - Kelly M.

"BJ is awesome, her knowledge of relationships are helping my partner and I with learning the tools for a more effective way of communicating with one another. And better understanding of how men and women think. This is a continuing process that we looking forward to learning to build a more effecitve and open relationship." - Gregory O.

"BJ is great. Very thorough with helping to understand how relationships are about growing together as a team. Also how to understand your partner in a different aspect that you may not have thought of before. Would recommend to anyone seeking relationship help."
- Ian H.

"Very good counsel. Highly recommend for partner coaching. BJ is awesome!" - Zee F.

"Bj is very helpful and great at coaching. She is fair and does not take sides. She holds both parties accountable and gives great tools to use." - Walter S.

"I really appreciate BJ's action oriented approach. In each session BJ offers straightforward coaching and valuable strategies that can be immediately implemented to help move our lives and relationship forward. I highly recommend her services." -  Gabriela A.

"BJ makes it very comfortable to talk about how you're feeling as a partnership and as an individual. I'm very grateful to have worked with her and the playbook!" - Chase B.

"Exceedingly grateful for BJ's insight and expertise! This process has been such an asset and extends beyond partnership coaching; it's applicable to all aspects of life." Shalimar R.

"Working with BJ has been a great experience. She really helps you navigate your relationship." - Jeremy A.

"It’s only been 2 and 1/2 months but I’m so glad we chose BJ Brown. Her level of expertise and knowledge on Couple relationships is so relieving and insightful. BJ breaks it all down to you from how are minds work to how our significant others mind works...the accuracy is truly mind blowing! I’m learning new skills and techniques that are not only helpful in my personal relationship but useful with communication in every day life. Im eager for what’s to come and look forward to our future sessions. Thank you BJ!" - Amanda M.

"Great experience doing couple's coaching with BJ. She is insightful, thoughtful and makes you feel comfortable when talking about topics that might be contentious. We have learned and grown substantially both as individuals and together while working with BJ."
- Whitney B

"This is the first time I feel I can open up during discussions. We always get different tools and perspectives from Ms. Brown. We are still working to be better but I'm glad we chose to go together because it's very hard to get out of the toxic cycle without doing something different." - Cecilia C.

"Having counseling with Mrs Brown has help me a lot to grow as a person & as woman . Thank you so much for guiding me to a grate successful path Mrs Brown ." - Sofia P.

"BJ has given me very valuable advice which has improved my ability to achieve and maintain a healthy work/life balance. Rather than competing for my time and attention, each now serves the other. By helping me to improve upon the efficiencies in my practice, she has helped lessen the worry about being out of the office during downtime. By helping me to improve my ability to relax and recharge my batteries off the clock, she has improved my ability to show up for work and hit the ground running. Her help and advice have enhanced my personal and professional life significantly." - Craig B.

"I have gained a wealth of knowledge in taking care of myself through BJ. As a disabled vet, learning the coping skills to handle my daily life has been a incredible change to my well being. She has provided me the tools to a lifestyle with better nutrition, sleep and self care."
- Brent B.

"Being a 21 year old college student life has a way of throwing things at me and challenging me on a daily basis. I struggled on my own clinging to the little knowledge that I have from the short life that I have lived thus far to get me through. However, after seeing BJ and working with her I realized that at 21 years old I just didn’t have the tools to support myself. I’ve only been with The path to well being for around 2 years periodically but I have grown and healed so much. Through learning about forgiveness, understanding mindfulness, and now working through my anxiety issues just hearing BJ voice she always knows what to say and the sincerity in her voice is always evident. I’m so grateful for this group and I always will be, without it I am not sure where I’d be today." - Kennedy H.

"BJ has been instrumental in helping my wife and I communicate better, in understanding our needs, as well as ways to weave through our differences. BJ has in-depth knowledge and uses a holistic approach which has worked extremely well for us. She is also well-known for her ability to educate clients in nutritional, mindfulness and effective eating lifestyles, as well as changing the way we psychologically think to approach life." - Randy E.

"I have known BJ for almost twenty years. She has helped my family not only by giving us sound and helpful advice but also by being a good and trustworthy person. I highly recommend BJ" - Marybeth F.

"BJ was the some of the best councel I have ever recieved / experienced. I learned a lot more about myself, my limits and my strengths in a relationship. I really appreciate all the help and perspective she provided me and mine and we took a lot of the tools she provided and applied them and they really made a difference to the mutual respect and understanding." - VIP Vega

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