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We have Mediated successful property settlement cases involving $4 Million and $1.5 million contractual agreements between partners, while effectively addressing complex financial and ownership issues. 

Championed Mediations to Resolve Multinational and Multilateral property settlements.

preeminent Leader in resolving conflict 

The Path To Well-Being, LLC Mediation Process

Proper preparation. Creative, collaborative solutions. 

It's the powerful difference only a professional mediator delivers.

In an environment of unprecedented business disruptions, timely dispute resolution is critical to business livelihood. In-person, virtual or hybrid mediation with an experienced mediator provides an effective alternative to protracted litigation.

At The Path To Well-Being, LLC, mediation is not limited to just a few hours or a day-long session. It's a process—one at which a mediator excels. We work diligently every step of the way—from pre-mediation calls and preparation to post-mediation and follow-up—toward helping all parties arrive at the best possible outcome to their dispute.

As a pre-eminent provider of mediation services, we draw on years of experience in successfully resolving cases of every type and size. 

Pre-Mediation Calls

The Path To Well-Being, LLC mediator often provides parties the opportunity for pre-mediation calls in order to discuss:

  • how to select a mediation process tailored to your dispute
  • information regarding when the mediation should take place and who should attend
  • how to exchange vital information 
  • issues the mediator should be aware of prior to mediation

An Agreement Catered To Your Needs 

The Path To Well-Being, LLC works with clients to create a mediation culture that facilitates you face-to-face or remotely to implement an adjustable process and proven methodology while ensuring you maximize a successful outcome. Whatever your mediation involves a family matter, land lord teneant dispute, business or personal injury having an expert mediator helps both parties to come to a better outcome.

The divorce or seperation mediation process is relatively simple. 

The parties and their mediator will meet in private and discuss what important matters to factor into agreements. 

Such matters will include asset division, child custody arrangements and – if necessary – spousal support. 

Once both parties come to an agreement on these matters, the mediator will draft the official agreement for both parties to review before notarized or submission.

During the Mediation Session

Using  an extraordinary interpersonal skill where The Path To Well-Being  mediator listens closely to all perspectives, quickly evaluates party dynamics and establishes rapport, leaving ample time for them to focus on:

  • what issues are at the heart of the dispute and what might motivate each party to settle successfully
  • making candid summary observations when appropriate and assisting both sides, while overcoming the impasse
  • pursuing proper creative, collaborative solutions that are aligned with the facts of the case and focused toward preserving mutual interests and ongoing relationships
  • ensuring that all parties can trust the process and know they have been heard and that all reasonable prospects for settlement have been considered
  • guiding parties toward the best possible resolution


In the event that all issues are not resolved during the initial mediation session, The Path To Well-Being, LLC mediator is skillful with follow up in an effort to keep parties engaged in the process and focused on the best resolution. They will continue until the case settles or every possible option has been thought of.

Practice-Focused Training

Years of experience in successful conflict resolution!

Efficient, Affordable Mediation

Located in Manassas, Virginia to provide a better means of resolving disputes than the time consuming, expensive, and generally unsatisfying adversarial lawsuit approach.

Experience you can trust

Ms. Brown has worked with individuals within various communities and municipalities, including: DOJ, FBI, CIA, and CDC. Furthermore, many of her clients are first responders, doctors, attorneys, psychiatrists, political figures, military, law enforcement, Capitol police and firefighters. Her business, management and people skills combine to make her the ideal resource to lead individuals and organizations to greater heights, both personally and professionally through skilled conflict resolution mediation.

Ms. Brown has worked with many clients addressing stressful conflict resolution issues. She uses several techniques including effective listening and communicating styles to help understand the client and summarize their needs effectively. They are used globally to resolve conflict effectively.  Her training through Georgetown University has helped her to identify and help individuals to work toward a path forward.  BJ Brown works within the corporate culture, implementing structures that champion personal excellence along with stress management systems that support productivity and Esprit de Corps.


We all have moments of frustration whether they be associated with a friend, a family member, business, employment or a disagreement in your everyday life, but there are several positive strategies to utilize when it comes to dealing with conflict.

What qualifies as a conflict?

According to the Office of Human Resource Development at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, conflict is understood by analyzing various behaviors and the consequences each behavior produces on individuals living the dilemma.

  • Avoidance: This is the person who wishes to ignore the problem and will allow it to dissipate or squander. Unfortunately, quite the contrary is happening in this situation. The problem then swells under the surface until it’s no longer avoidable and will need to be addressed.

  • Standing your Ground: People who use this technique may appear controlling and aggressive in their means of communication. They fear not having their needs met if they don’t set the rules and direct the conversation.

  • Surrendering: Often perceived as the diplomat, the person using this tactic concedes to the needs of others. They place the needs and opinions of others on their own because preserving the relationship(s) is the ultimate goal. 


  • Compromise/Sacrifice: This method is a sort of concession and, while it seems to be a good route to take, it’s not the best approach. People in this category make a sequence of tradeoffs which means they are focusing on what they want as opposed to understanding the other’s viewpoint.  

  • Collaborate: People who practice collaboration care about win-win solutions. This simply means that they scout common aspirations and needs, to where every party knows their opinions and feeling are important and are going to be heard. This style needs a lot of cooperation, assertiveness and communication among the parties.

Ultimately, understanding your wants and needs will establish internal insight. You will have a better understanding for not just yourself, but for others around you and how situations may or may not unfold. This knowledge will give you the preliminary tools for conflict resolution.  Please note that The Path to Well-Being office is open and is accepting new clients. We are also able to offer online service options to those who would prefer to access services remotely. Please contact the office for further information.  An online mediator can provide the help you need for resolution! 

family mediation

"Thanks again for helping  us work through the situation. We greatly appreciate your understanding and willingness to listen and ask for clarification to summarize. Although this was a difficult time for us your patient and calm perspective was very helpful.– Mediation Client, Manassas, VA"


How Much Does it Cost?

The mediator's hourly fee is less than an attorney's hourly fee.   In mediation, only one hourly fee is incurred, not two as in the case of an attorney negotiated settlement. Mediation takes much less time than an attorney court negotiated settlement or timely litigation.  Therefore, the average cost of a mediated agreement is a fraction of the cost of an attorney negotiated settlement or litigation in a stressful court system.

You decide the amount of time you spend. At The Path To Well-Being, LLC  Mediation, the process does not "take on a life of it's own."

The Path To Well-Being, LLC  Mediation offers professional mediation services at an hourly fee. Payment is requested at the end of each meeting. The Path To Well-Being, LLC  Mediation does not require a retainer. As you can imagine, the duration of a specific mediation is impossible to predict. We do not set a minimum or maximum number of meetings. That's in your control.

In our years of experience, however, we have found that couples with children who decide to create a separation agreement generally need between 3 to 5 meetings and couples without children generally need between 2 to 3 meetings before they are ready for the mediator to prepare a draft of their agreement. All meetings are a minimum of 2 hours. Each meeting generally lasts 2 and 3 hours. We ask parties to set aside 3 hours for each meeting so no one feels rushed.

Once you reach verbal agreement on all issues, then the mediator will write your agreement -- an estimate of the time to write the agreement can be more specifically given at that time, but generally it's from 2 to 5 hours (also charged at the hourly fee).

The mediator will meet with you to go over the written agreement (this meeting is sometimes an exception to the 2 hour minimum). Your agreement will be written using words that you understand.

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