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Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Provider

Complementary/Alternative Medicine/Complementary & Integrative Health (NIH)

If practice is used together with conventional medicine, it's "complementary" 

If practice is used in place of conventional medicine, it's "alternative"

Integrative Medicine for Mental Health refers to the integration of conventional biomedical 

methods with complementary/ alternative /functional                                                                                                                              


*Integrative Medicine for Mental Health

*Behavioral/complementary and biomedical

*Whole body approach

*Whole self assessment

*Interdisciplinary fields

*Collaboration across disciplines

*Dietary interventions

*Laboratory Analysis & Genomics

*Self care

*Emphasizes the healing relationship


*Nutrition & Integrative and Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM) 

  methods are ideal for addressing   multi faceted chronic 

  psycho/somatic   illnesses

*Intersection of Depression, Self Care & Chronic 

  Disease Management

*Acute responses that do not warrant emergency intervention

*Assessments & interventions to address root causes

*Enhance substance abuse recovery

*Pain Management

Motivating for Change, Adhering to the Program


*Set Goals & Priorities, Engage family, friends, social groups, 

Conduct mind body groups

Please note that The Path to Well-Being office will remain open and are accepting new clients. We are also able to offer telehealth or online couples or marriage counseling or online therapist service options to those who would prefer to access services remotely. Please contact the office for further information.  An online counselor can provide the help you need for anxiety, depression and stress! Tricare, self pay and Kaiser Permanente clients welcomed

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