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BJ Brown

Virginia Supreme Court Trained Mediator 

Coaching for the Stress of Court /  The Path to Lawyer Well-Being

Certified Couples Coach/Health & Wellness Coach  

Conflict Resolution

Mrs. Brown has worked with individuals within various communities and municipalities, including: DOJ, FBI, CIA, and the CDC. Furthermore, many of her clients are first responders, doctors, attorneys, psychiatrists, political figures, military, law enforcement, Capitol police and firefighters. Her business, management and people skills combine to make her the ideal resource to lead individuals and organizations to greater heights, both personally and professionally.

The Office of The Path To Well-Being, LLC  provides  Virginia Court Certified Mediation for the General and Family JDR Courts .  As a pre-eminent provider of mediation services, we draw on years of experience in successfully resolving cases of every type and size. 

In addition,  Certified Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Couples Coaching is provided with the knowledge and skills to effectively lead individuals and partners into healthier lifestyles/relationships.  Coaching provides indiduals with seven basic needs that both men and women have while threading in effective communication & active listening that need to be integrated into the tapestry of a flourishing, lifelong partnership. Coaching helps to enrich and grow partnerships, as well as assisting couples in their assessment and goal setting while educating about four predictable areas of personality and conflict that most relationships face. This improves the way individuals speak and listen to one another with strategies for better conflict resolution. Ms. Brown coaches many in managing money without damaging their relationship and cherishing attitudes, financial security, time together, genuine friendship, emotional connectedness, and harmony. 

Ms. Brown  provides clients with a well-rounded understanding of their needs through an examination of their "Cura Personalis," mind, body and spirit.  BJ effectively leads individuals and couples into healthier lifestyles/marriages, thereby bringing joy and fulfillment to their lives through goal setting and accountability. By incorporating cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing, she assesses the clients' emotional and physical needs, including nutrition, sleep, exercise and a balanced schedule, to guide them to self-improvement.  

Mrs. Brown has worked with many clients addressing emotional, physical, and spiritual issues. She uses several stress/anxiety relief techniques including Neuroscience for the Treatment of Trauma, Anxiety, Depression and Stress. They are used globally to release the biological stress fueled by false self beliefs, pain and trauma. BJ equips individuals with the ability to heal from past pain and false beliefs, maintain inner calm and confidence as they gain the skills needed to step into their own personal excellence. 

She is trained in conflict resolution, communications, public policy, and much more. BJ applies two energy biology psychology modalities which result in very dramatic shifts in perception and support inner healing and positive behavioral responses to life. These techniques help to restore a sense of inner peace and an overall sense of wellbeing and safety that often times is lost when dealing with trauma, anxiety or challenging situations which arise in the court system. BJ Brown works within the corporate culture, implementing structures that champion personal excellence along with stress management systems that support productivity and Esprit de Corps.

 Dealing with the court system can be very stressful.  

Ms. Brown works to help lower 
the stress and anxiety of those struggling to maneuver 

the court system with techniques and tools to overcome the stress . 

Virginia Supreme Court Trained Mediator

Mediation and Conflict Resolution Services

Mediation Services for Juvenile & Domestic Relations, General District and Civil Circuit Courts

Supreme Court

Georgetown University

BJ has attended Georgetown University's Executive Master's in Policy Leadership program. She is currently a Doctoral candidate at Georgetown University. She is trained in conflict resolution, communications, public policy, and much more. 

Certifications & Awards: Virginia Supreme Court Trained Mediator for the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court & the General District Court,  Couples Coaching, Ms. Brown is a Nationally Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach after attending Georgetown University's Executive Certified Health & Wellness Coaching Program. Job Coaching, Health & Wellness Coaching, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuroscience for the Treatment of Trauma, Anxiety, Depression and Stress Certification in The Pharmacy in Your Kitchen: An Overview of Medical and Medicinal Foods, Art Therapy, Recreational Therapy, Substance Abuse/Addictions and Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Provider 

Liberty University

Virginia Commonwealth University

M.S., Department of Kinesiology and Health Science Management with an emphasis in Business and Public Administration, graduated Cum Laude. 

Advisory Board for the Virginia Commission Youth for the VA General Assembly, Research/writing report on The ADHD Epidemic for 2017 General Assembly directing the Joint Commission on Health Care to study the long-term effects on individuals and populations of drugs used to treat ADHD. Review, Research and Edit the Advisory Board's biennial report: Collection of Evidence-based Practices for Children and Adolescents with Mental Health Treatment Needs


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