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Coaching with the knowledge and skills to effectively lead couples into healthier marriages, thereby bringing joy and  fulfillment into their lives

Providing couples with seven basic needs that both men and women have while threading in languages of love that  need to be integrated into the tapestry of a flourishing, lifelong marriage

Coaching strengths in helping to enrich and grow marriages, as well as assisting couples in their assessment and  goal  setting while educating about four predictable areas of personality and conflict that most couples face.

Improve the way married people speak and listen to one another with strategies for good conflict resolution. 

Coaching couples in managing money without damaging the marital relationship and cherishing attitudes, financial security, sexual satisfaction, time together, genuine friendship, physical attraction, emotional connectedness, and home harmony

There's a lot of stigma surrounding divorce. According to a new study published in the Journal of  Sex & Marital Therapy, the  most common reasons people get divorced largely center around a lack of emotional fulfillment. 

Researchers surveyed 2,371 straight, recently divorced people with an average age of 45. 

(In case you're curious, 44% had initiated the divorce themselves, 40% had their partners initiate it, and it was a mutual decision for 16% of them. Some 40% said their divorce had low to very low conflict, compared to the 29% who said there was a ton of it.) 

These were the four most common reasons for divorce:

1. Lack of love or intimacy: This was the most cited reason for divorce, with 47% of respondents indicating that the core love was lacking from their marriage, leading them to separate. Some examples of open-ended responses from participants under this category were "I had no feelings for him" and "He did not love me anymore after we've been together for 20 years." A marriage counselor or couples therapist resparks the courting phase of a marriage for connection, healing & change in behavior.

2. Communication problems: Some 44% of study participants selected communication problems as one of their primary reasons for divorce, which makes sense as this is historically a research-based root of marriage termination. One respondent explained that her husband "didn't talk so much," which led to the development of distress in the relationship over time. Communication in couples counseling through telemental health services or telehealth with a seasoned coach nurtures a better understanding for each individual's needs providing couples a way to reconnect. Ms. Brown does beautiful work helping couples to acquire the tools to succeed. She is kind, professional and truly dedicated to her work.

3. Lack of sympathy, respect, or trust: Lacking these basic relationship qualities was the third most popular reason for divorce, with participants explaining that an "inability to restore trust" or "irreparable breach of trust" drove them to end their marriage. Another respondent cited the "loss of respect" as a primary factor in their divorce, which is intriguing considering that some psychologists say that respect may be even more crucial than love in relationships. Ms. Brown will help repair and enrich your relationship and individual lives through specific techniques utilized to help you feel emotionally safe and connected. 

4. Growing apart: In an ideal world, partners would harmoniously grow and transform alongside each other. But most of us know that this is far from reality. The fourth most common reason for divorce, according to the research, was growing apart. Open-ended responses for this category read, "We suddenly became too different in terms of values and attitudes" and "We wanted something different with our lives." Couples therapy with marriage counseling for attunement helps couples learn how reactive a person is to another's emotional needs and moods. A person who is well attuned will respond with appropriate language and behaviors based on another person's emotional state.

These findings may suggest that the meaning of marriage is changing: "People may place increased importance on love, intimacy, communication, sympathy, respect, trust, and feeling connected with their partner." Perhaps people are becoming more willing to walk away from marriages that aren't totally fulfilling their emotional needs. Couples therapy can bring these fundamental needs back in the marriage.

Holistic and systemic services are offered with an integrative approach valuing connection and healing at all levels: mental, emotional, physical, relational and spiritual. These needs are intrinsically linked and must be treated as a whole for a complete balance. Body focused services offer a integrative process which synthesizes what has been found to be the most effective innovations in the field of couples coaching. Evidence based therapeutic models are all incorporated to address the Mind, Body and Spirit. Your Cura Personalis! Learn How to Cultivate Healthy Relationships with Effective Communication and a renewed Couples Connection from The Path To Well-Being!

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