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How To Succeed in Intimate Relationships

Research has identified exactly what people who succeed in intimate relationships do differently than those who do not. The most important differences involves how people handle things when they feel upset. All partners in long term relationships feel upset with each other at various times in their relationship, but how they handle it makes all the difference.

"Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection".


Some people handle such moments in ways that promote respectfulness and receptivity in their partners. Others can react in ways that make it difficult for their partners to genuinely care. The ability to react effectively when feeling upset is pivotal  – It’s an important factor for anyone who hopes to have a long term intimate relationship.

You can learn the skills to relax yourself, gain control with handle your frustrations and feelings, and engage your partner in ways that help you to meet on middle ground on any topic…even the ones you continue to disagree on! At The Path To Well-Being, we collaboratively work so you can experience greater satisfaction in your relationship and break the cycle of negative interactions that continue to hold you in limbo.

A seasoned marriage counselor and marriage counseling office can help you to gain the skills you need to succeed!  

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